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A few Success Stories

Note: Names of the persons are changed for confidential sake.


Lalitha a 21 years old woman  from a town, lost her father at childhood.  She was brought up by her mother.  Lalitha has fallen in love with a boy.  Her mother denied this affair and beaten lalitha.  Lalitha felt very much hurt and escaped away from home.  She joined in an orphanage.  Later the organization was winded up and she was brought to Sri Bhavani Mahila Mandali.  She was provided nurse training.  Once lalithaís mother was called to Sri Bhavani Mahila Mandali She felt very much happy at seeing her daughter alive and undergoing training in nursing.  Later, Laitha got married and today she is leading a dignified happy life.  She is working as a nurse in a clinic.


Annapoorna - a 24 years woman got married and had two children with the ages of 9 and 6.  Her marrage life went smoothly for some time.  Her husband started suspecting annapoorna was having an extra marital relationship which was not true.  He started torturing her both mentally and physically.  He stopped going to work.  Entire family burden was put on  annapoornaís shoulders. Several times she had the thought of committing suicide.  But could not due to her children.  One day her husband beaten her and tried to kill her.  She got threatened a lot and went to police station.  The police people sent annapoorna to Sri Bhavani Mahila Mandali for counseling and rehabilitation. 

After regular counseling sections Annapoorna gradually came out from depression and gained self esteemed.  Short Stay Home joined her children in a school.  She was provided training in Tailoring.  Her husband was also given counseling sections and after several attempts he realized his mistake.  Annapoorna was discharged from home and her husband started working.  Their children are studying in a school run by an N.G.O.,  Now they are living satisfactorily. 


Rani -  a 33 years old married woman.  She has a daughter of 14 years old and staying with her mother who is around 50 years.  Rani married her own uncle and he came to raniís parents home to stay.  Slowly, the differences and disputes developed among the couple.  He started pressuring rani to come away with him.  She denied as wanted to look after her aged mother.  Raniís husband left her and went away.  Rani started finding difficulty in managing house hold expenses and taking care of her mother and daughter.  One day she happened to see Sri Bhavani Mahila Mandali Short Stay Homeís add in a newspaper and directly approached short stay home for help.  She was provided vocational course in lace making.  She learnt this with interest.  She started getting orders for continuous income.  The Short Stay Home helped her in seeking job.  She got job as a warden in girls hostel.  She started earning well to maintain her house hold expenses. She is making lace designs in her free time. 

Now she is very confidently leading her life and sending money regularly to her mother and daughter who are in a village. 


Kalpana  is of 23 years old woman.   She has an elder sister also.  After her sisterís marriage her  father wanted to do her marriage also and looking for suitable matches.  But Kalpana wants to  do something in her life and  financially independent.  She ran away from home and went to her relativeís home.  Kalpana contacted Sri Bhavani Mahila Mandaliís Short Stay Home.    The Home sent her to the Anoos Beautician Institute for training and informed her whereabouts to their family.  Kalpana parents visited Short Stay Home and they  were give counseling about importance of earning of a women for her self support.  They agreed to continue her training. Later, she was discharged form Short Stay Home and joined in a job and her parents looking for suitable match.


Gopika is of 19 years old.  She lost her father at the age of 5.  She had one brother and sister.  Her mother working in the fields yet unable to look after the childrenís education and other expenses.  Gopikaís mother brought her in an orphanage later that are orphanage was winded up and Gopika was sent to Sri Bhavani Mahila Mandaliís Short Stay Home. She underwent nurse training and secured a job in a hospital.  She got married and leading happy life.


Aparna is 30 years old woman.  Her husband has a an extra marital affair and started ill treating her.  He used to beat aparna regularly when she opposed his extra marital affair.  One day under the influence of alcohol he  beaten his wife badly and tried to kill her.  Aparna vexed  a lot and tried for committing suicide. But luckily she was rescued by neighbors.  They advised her to approach  Sri Bhavani Mahila Mandali.  She approached the home with her 7 years old son. After counseling she under gone vocational training.  The Short Stay Home sent several letters to her husband. But he did not respond. One day counselor from Short Stay Home went to his place and met him.  He did not show any interest.  But slowly changed his mind and took his wife to their home.  Now they took a separate house and leading their life with happy.  Their son is studying in a boarding school.


Poornima is a 20 years old woman and she is an orphan.  She was staying in an orphanage.  That orphanage was winded up. She was sent to Sri Bhavani Mahila Mandaliís Short Stay Home. The Short Stay Home brought her out from  low self esteem and inferiority.  She showed interest in learning beautician course. After completion of her course she started a beauty parlour of her own and leading her life with connfidence.

                                                            We have so many success stories  like above....

These women visit the Short stay home often and tell about their happy living  with sparkling eyes of  gratitude. We draw further moral strength and confidence from their happiness and rededicate ourselves towards the service.