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How Sri Bhavani Mahila Mandali Short Stay Home works:

Sri Bhavani Mahila Mandali is maintaining the commitment and emphasis on excellence in running a Short Stay Home. The Mandali's staff are competed for quality performance and a high level of integrity.

The Mandali does not perceive the Short Stay Home as a temporary refuge centre for women in trouble. Apart from it, its objective is to be a place for rebuilding the lives and discharge from home with clear strategy of surviving with confidence, happy and dignity. Though the shelter is of temporary nature,  but the Mandali has formulated a clear strategy for identifying and rehabilitating women who are physical and psychologically emotionally beset by problems in the limited time that it has (0-3 years). 


Over the last few years, Sri Bhavani Mahila Mandali has developed an extensive network of social workers. They bring to home's notice about women who are in desperate need of help such as counseling and vocational guidance. The Mandali has learnt over the last few years that the biggest problem that most troubled women face is that of asking for help. 

For social, cultural and family reasons, most of the women feel shy at asking for help and when they do so, it is usually late. Identifying troubled women in early stages can be rehabilitated effectively. 

In identification, the Mandali follows a proactive approach.  Instead of waiting for women to seek its help, the Mandali offers its services to women in troubles. The wide network of Sri Bhavani Mahila Mandali identifies them. In addition, the Mandali will provide its services to women recommended by other organizations and Government Agencies, Police Stations, Central Social Welfare Board & Women, Child Welfare Department and poor women coming to city for legal matters.


Sri Bhavani Mahila Mandali performs an exhaustive screening comprising forms and interviews of all applicants who seeks its counseling service.  The objective of such an in-depth screening exercise is to separate fact from fiction, the reality from the delusion.  This helps in identifying the root cause of the problems formulation of an appropriate counseling strategy. 

Sri Bhavani Mahila Mandali has vast experience in in family counseling. It proposes to conduct an exhaustive physical examination consisting of tests such as VDRL and ELISA for unearthing physical problems if any.

Strategy for Resolving Problems: 

Precise diagnosis is the first step in the recovery process.  There will be various strategies are applied to various cases depending upon their psychological and physical conditions and understanding levels. Combination of  counseling and Vocational guidance will be effective.  Although the shelter is of temporary nature, the Mandali will follow up on the inmates. It helps the Mandali in improving its services.  The Mandali believes that continuous learning is compulsory for reaching its goal that is "Making women Self-reliant".